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Productive teams are developed, not born.

Please note: This is a 4-day training that will occur on June 22 & 23 as well as July 26 & 27, 2022. Please be prepared to attend all 4 days.

Adaptive Schools Foundations explores what makes teams effective and how to develop skills as a facilitator and as a group member. This seminar takes participants beyond the idea of professional learning communities to the actual implementation, describing specific ways to weave the collaborative fabric of a faculty, develop group member skills, and acquire the principles and understandings to engage in a continuous cycle of team and individual improvement. Adaptive Schools is the “how” of professional learning communities: how to behave in groups, how to lead them, and how to facilitate them for improved leading, teaching, and learning.​

In the four-day Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar, participants will develop:

  • An increased capacity to initiate, develop and sustain high functioning groups
  • New lenses for diagnosing the stages and phases of group development
  • An expanded repertoire of practical facilitation tools
  • Understandings of when and how to engage groups in dialogue and discussion, the limitations, forms and values of each
  • Skills to move groups beyond consensus to common focus
  • Ways to value and use dissension, argument and conflict
  • Strategies for keeping group members on track, on topic, energized and resourceful

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