Assessment of Classroom Communication and Study Skills (1998) L-5

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Assessment of Classroom Communication and Study Skills (1998) L-5


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The purpose of the ACCSS is to provide classroom teachers and specialists with a tool that efficiently comments on the quality of a student’s school language skills. ACCSS tasks will quickly and systematically describe a student’s ability to 1) process and act on oral and written directions, 2) give attention to detailed information, 3) integrate and comprehend related segments of information in texts, and 4) use metalinguistic skills for monitoring comprehension and composing efficient, descriptive sentences. It is compsed of the following parts: Answering questions on a text passage, Following directions, Language detective, and Vocabulary/Definition matching. It can be administered to an entire classrrom or indivudally by use of an audiocassette containing the administration scenario. It is a paper/pencil, untimed procedure to survey “school language” proficiencies. There is a long form, short form, and an ESL form. Grades 5-12 + HS ESL Criterion Simon Super Duper

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