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Executive Function Test – Elementary (2014) TBI-4


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Executive functions skills allow humans to internally regulate their behavior to get to a desired outcome. The Executive Functions Test Elementary is a diagnostic test of language skills that affect executive functions, such as working memory, problem solving, inferring, predicting outcomes, and shifting tasks. It is designed to assess a subject’s ability to use his language skills in various executive functions. The specific tasks of the Executive Functions Test Elementary are constructed to yield information about these areas of executive function and language to assist the professional in identifying areas of strength and weaknesses in a child’s language and cognitive communication skills.
Subtest A: Attention and Immediate Memory — Auditory
This subtest presents short passages with three follow-up questions to determine a student’s ability to pay attention to details and remember what she hears.
Subtest B: Attention and Immediate Memory — Auditory and Visual
This subtest presents illustrations and short vignettes. Students answer questions about what they’ve heard and seen in the pictures. There are three questions for each vignette, two require attention to detail and one presents a problem to be solved.
Subtest C: Working Memory and Flexible Thinking
These two executive functions are tested by asking the student to listen to a short passage and answer two “thinking” questions.
Subtest D: Shifting
Being able to shift one’s thinking quickly and accurately is an important executive function as it allows one to be adaptive to life’s changing demands. The items in this subtest have two parts; first, the examiner names four items in a category and identifies the category. The student is then asked to name a member of a similar but different category.

NOTE: There are also two intervention texts, one for elementary and one for adolescents, that compliment this assessment and are also available for loan. Just ask. 7-12 years Norm-Referenced Bowers & Huisingh Pro-Ed (LinguiSys)

PRO-ED Test Level: B

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