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PODD Books (5 separate books to choose from)


DISCLAIMER:  It is highly recommended that you attend a PODD training or at the very least review information about PODD at this link:  Getting Started with PODD

**Success with these communication books will be dependent upon following the procedures recommended by the author, Gayle Porter.**

LOANER INFORMATION:  When you borrow a PODD book, the loan will include a general PODD Information Manual which also contains a short “Selecting & Customizing” 2 page flyer.  The loan will also include a manila folder with an Information File related to that book’s version as well as some additional pages to be used only as needed (please save at least one original in the folder for future use).

Pickup Date & Time
Return Date & Time


Your team will need to determine which book you would like to borrow when loaning a PODD book.  Please contact an Outreach consultant if you need assistance in determining which book to loan.

100+ Complex Syntax 

70 Expanded Key Word

16 Expanded Functions

12 Expanded Functions

9 Expanded Functions

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