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Welcome to the Texthelp family!

Every student in Arkansas now has access to three Texthelp tools – Read&Write, Equatio, and uPar – to help increase student achievement in reading and mathematics.

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Texthelp Equatio
Texthelp Read and Write
Texthelp Toolmatcher

Texthelp Toolmatcher

Discover which Read&Write or OrbitNote features best suit your student’s needs. Click the Toolmatcher button below to get started:

Texthelp Toolmatcher

Words Can’t Hold Us Back

With our Words can’t hold us back campaign we’re bringing this issue to light, so we can remove the stigma and help to break the cycle.

Early intervention, along with making sure that people know where and how to get the help they need is key. Click the button below to learn more!

Words Parent Guide
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10/19/23 uPar & TTS Update

Does your student qualify?

Does your student qualify for TTS on the ATLAS 3-10 Reading Assessment? Click on the Decision Tree below to get started:

Decision Tree

Assistive Technology Manual for Windows & macOS