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    • Hear keys pressed & calculation results spoken
    • Easy-to-see big keys and 7/8” digits on LCD
    • Calculator measures 8.25” x 11.50”
    • Time display & alarm with beep or 3 melodies
    • Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • 512001 Round Tube and Flat Surface Clamp Kit. The clamp is ideal for mounting Loc-Line arms and more to round tubes and flat surfaces. Adjustable jaw easily opens up to 2.5" and closes with twist handle. Includes wedge for clamping onto flat surfaces. For photographers (video/photo/light applications), it also includes a dual locking 5/8" hexagonal female receiver for studs and arms plus a snap-in 5/8" pin that will accept many small light fixtures. Includes: - Pro Clamp - Attached Loc-Line Connector (can be removed if necessary) - Flat Surface Insert - Dual Locking 5/8 Hexagonal Stud - Mini Snap-In 5/8 Pin Prop 65 WARNING ModularHose Loc-Line must be checked out separately.
  • Meet the adaptable mouse that’s accessible by design. Personalize by attaching the Microsoft Adaptive Mouse Tail and Thumb Support or customize with 3D printed mouse tails through Shapeways.* Connect the mouse core wirelessly to up to three devices or via USB-C® connection—or use by itself as a compact mouse. This kit contains:
    • Microsoft Adaptive Mouse
    • Microsoft Adaptive Mouse Tail and Thumb Support
    • Microsoft Adaptive Hub
    • Microsoft Adaptive D-pad Button
    • Microsoft Adaptive Dual Button
    • Microsoft Adaptive Joystick Button
  • The Adesso keyboard includes is a wireless keyboard with an 87-key layout and Optical Trackball Sensor - 800DPI. In addition, this loan includes a keyguard with small, round holes fitted for the Adesso keyboard by Keyguard Assistive Technology. The keyguard is 1/4" clear acrylic with an oversized flange which adds an additional rim around the perimeter, extending beyond the keyboard and containing optional holes which you can use to devise your own mounting method. These holes are 0.19" in diameter and fit a #10 machine screw.
  • The BIGtrack Trackball has a 3 inch trackball which makes it the largest trackball available. The large ball requires less fine motor control than a standard trackball and it is ruggedly built. It has a left and a right mouse click button located behind the trackball to avoid unwanted mouse clicks and 2 3.5mm ports for optional switches. You must order the switches separately.
  • The ClearKeys Clevy Keyboard has been developed in close cooperation with various low vision experts. This keyboard provides excellent contrast, making it even more useful for the visually impaired.

    Color Contrast

    The ClearKeys Clevy Keyboard offers high color contrast with an optimal color combination for improved visibility.

    Concave Keys

    Concave "chocolate" keycaps aid in finger guidance while typing.

    Matte Finish

    Overall matte coating prevents reflective glare.

    Keycap Spacing

    Keycaps are well spaced out, making the keys easier to distinguish.


    The keyguard enables users with motor skill difficulties to let their hands rest on the keyboard without unwantedly hitting any keys.
  • Safe listening with the Clevy Hearsafe. Exposure to loud noises is one of the main causes of early hearing loss. The Clevy Hearsafe headphone volume output is limited to 85dB. According to audiologists, this is the safe threshold for regular and long time listening. The 5 ft (1,5m) long cable gives optimal freedom of movement while using the headphones on a non-mobile device, such as a hi-fi set or a computer. This extra long cable has a coiled part, which gives a trigger warning when a kid walks away from the device.
  • Rest & Guides The Clevy Keyguard enables users with motor skill difficulties or motor impairment to let their hands rest on the keyboard without accidentally pressing any keys and guides the user’s fingers toward the right keys. Key & Character Size The keys on this keyboard are 30% bigger and the characters on them are even up to 4 times as big as those on an average keyboard. Recognizable Fonts The Clevy Keyboard’s fonts on each of our colored layouts are similar to the fonts used in their respective educational systems. Clear Layout The keys of the Clevy Keyboard are arranged vertically to improve the positioning of the hands of a kid and to make the appearance less cluttered. Unnecessary and distracting keys are left out. Solid Construction The Clevy Keyboards have internal steel frames and each individual key is mounted onto a high-quality, mechanical switch capable of handling well over 60 million keystrokes. Most keyboards on the market use membrane-type internal switches, which are far less durable and consistent. Spill-Proof The Clevy Keyboards housing is designed to guide possible spilled fluids straight through the keyboard, keeping these liquids away from the internal electronics.
  • The Clevy Kids Mouse is a computer mouse specifically designed for children in primary school, to teach them how to handle a mouse. The Clevy Kids Mouse has been designed especially for children between 2 and 10 years of age, its size is a tad smaller than that of a normal one. The pupil’s hand will fit over the mouse like a glove, ensuring a much better wrist position, making the Clevy Kids Mouse the safe choice for long-time use. The dimensions of the Clevy Kids mouse are 100x55x35mm.
  • The wireless mouse interface can be used for cursor movement or for computer switch access. Accessories included: 2 AAA batteries and wireless USB dongle

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