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  • The Multi-Sensory Center's ultra-bright lights, music and vibration options make it an ideal choice for people with visual impairment. Internal controls allow for numerous combinations of different sensory stimulation (for example, music only, music and vibration, vibration and lights). This durable product can also be used as a switch. Comes with suction cups and a non-skid base. Includes cord.
    • Hear keys pressed & calculation results spoken
    • Easy-to-see big keys and 7/8” digits on LCD
    • Calculator measures 8.25” x 11.50”
    • Time display & alarm with beep or 3 melodies
    • Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Specially designed for the visually impaired, this state-of-the-art communicator has 12 levels, scanning capabilities and large brightly illuminated targets that make it possible to see, select and activate messages. Model 7083 Batteries: 4 AA, 4 C
  • 512001 ModularHose.com Round Tube and Flat Surface Clamp Kit. The clamp is ideal for mounting Loc-Line arms and more to round tubes and flat surfaces. Adjustable jaw easily opens up to 2.5" and closes with twist handle. Includes wedge for clamping onto flat surfaces. For photographers (video/photo/light applications), it also includes a dual locking 5/8" hexagonal female receiver for studs and arms plus a snap-in 5/8" pin that will accept many small light fixtures. Includes: - Pro Clamp - Attached Loc-Line Connector (can be removed if necessary) - Flat Surface Insert - Dual Locking 5/8 Hexagonal Stud - Mini Snap-In 5/8 Pin Prop 65 WARNING ModularHose Loc-Line must be checked out separately.
  • This progressive communication builder grows along with you. Start with one message and grow to sixteen. Four AA batteries will be provided along with 4 prepared overlays and 6 keyguards..
  • Perfect for those with severe mobility challenges, this pneumatic switch is activated by a gentle squeeze of its vinyl grip or by puffing on its mouth tube. Includes 4 grippers and mouthpiece.
  • Irresistibly touchable, these textured switches appeal to anyone who seeks tactile stimulation. Accessories Included: Cord
  • The Equals Pre-K Math curriculum is designed for students with disabilities currently in a preschool setting with special education services. With Equals Pre-K Math, students, including students with significant and intellectual disabilities, learn readiness math as active learners. Equals Pre-K features thoughtfully ordered and connected lesson objectives, learned skills and vocabulary connected to future lessons, and assessment administered in play-based/center-based format. The curriculum is aligned to state preschool standards and guidelines.This Product Includes:
  • Math curriculum. ***This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • Science curriculum ***This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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