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Classroom Setup

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Classroom Setup Resources and Links:

Classroom Setup is the foundation for creating zoning plans and student schedules. Creating a classroom environment that is structured and organized sets the stage for student success.

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If you want a certificate, please watch the full training above. There is no option to receive a certificate if you watch these shorter video segments.

Run time 2:31

This video starts our classroom set-up series with how a purposeful classroom setup benefits teachers and students.

Run time 1:41

Organization is key for any classroom set-up. This video provides tips for classroom organization.

Run time 6:56

In this video, we explain the term zones and share examples of how they support classrooms.

Run time 4:07

What information should you consider when setting up your classroom? This video explains the information to consider to get an optimal classroom set-up.

Run time 1:09

Suggested zones are those we find critical to many special education classrooms.

Run time 5:13

Finding the best location for a teacher space can be tricky! Watch this video for some guiding thoughts on the best location.

Run time 6:00

This video gives ideas on setting up whole group activities in the classroom.

Run time 5:04

1:1 instruction is vital in many special education classrooms. This video provides ideas for 1:1 teaching locations.

Run time 3:10

Small group instruction is another vital component for a classroom. This video provides ideas on setting up small group areas.

Run time 8:55

Learning to work independently is a life skill that some students must be explicitly taught.

Run time 4:39

Providing a space for a student as a home base is an important consideration.

Run time 5:01

This video gives the audience ideas for student visual schedule locations.

Run time 0:37

The following zones are optional and can be beneficial to classrooms depending on student needs.

Run time 3:17

Crafts, snacks, and cooking are optional zones that can provide valuable life skills for some students.

Run time 3:04

Functional skills can be taught in many different locations. This video shares ideas about where to teach these skills.

Run time 5:40

Some students will need to be directly taught recreation and leisure skills to support them throughout their lives. This video briefly touches on these two topics and what they could look like in the classroom.

Run time 1:01

Join Dalene as she quickly recaps the changes from her classroom that she discussed at the beginning of the video series.

Run time 4:12

When setting up a classroom, all staff and students should be on the same page about expectations for all areas. This video provides strategies and tips for teaching those expectations.

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