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Image of a classroom with specific zones to create a structured learning environment.

Learn how classroom setup supports student success.

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Students completing a lunch routine.

Explore the power of teaching procedures & routines in the classroom.

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This image shows a student preparing to make a choice using a communication device.

Gain strategies for implementing communication across the school day.

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This image shows a student being instructed using a discrete trial method.

Expand your toolbox of instructional strategies for all learners.

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The student is choosing a reinforcer from the drawer.

Learn how building positive student relationships improve classroom dynamics.

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This image shows a team reviewing student data in student data binders.

Discover how organizing and collecting student data can inform instruction.

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This image shows an example of a visual schedule using pictures.

Discover how student schedules support student learning and behavior. In addition, see many examples of visual schedules.

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This image shows an example zoning plan teachers can use for generating ideas.

Gain skills to create a detailed classroom schedule that supports students and staff.

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This image shows a placemat visual that directs the student where to place the cup and plate.

Explore a variety of visual supports to revolutionize student success.

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Arkansas Behavior Support Specialists offer additional behavior support strategies. Find their resources here:

Arkansas Behavior Support Specialists