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Visual Supports

Visual Supports are an integral part of everyday life. We all use visual supports throughout our day. In the classroom, visual supports are equally important! There are many, many kinds of visual supports. This video highlights four that we found necessary in our classrooms.

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Run time 18:04

Join us as we provide an introduction to visual supports and the important role they play in daily life.

Run time 8:37

First/Then boards are a visual support that break down what a student needs to do first, typically followed by a motivating item (next). this is an effective support for many students.

Run time 9:17

Mini tasks and mini schedules provide a more detailed view of an activity. Get ideas on how to break down activities and what types of activities work well with mini schedules!

Run time 11:50

Portable visual prompts are an excellent resource for students that need a concrete image paired with words to understand directions.

Run time 7:39

Timers can be an effective tool in the classroom. Learn more about how they can support students with transitioning between activities.

Run time 3:17

This video gives the viewer an idea of supplies needed to create visual supports and provides tips on creating them!

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