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This training series incorporates components from all previous training. Learn how to take those components and strategically use them to make data-based instructional decisions for students. 

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Instructional Strategies
Run time 2:14
This introduction to instructional strategies will discuss all of the components from previous training that will be incorporated into making data-based decisions for student instruction. 
Case Study Part 1
Run time 5:35
Part 1 of the case study includes an introduction to the classroom demographics, the collaboration involved, and our student of focus.
Case Study Part 2
Run time 36:08

This section explores Mila’s student summary, and how to find that data and pull out important pieces necessary for instruction. Strategies for instruction including visual supports, prompting, and positive reinforcement.

Case Study Part 3
Run time 27:07
The final section of this training explores more instructional strategies specific to Mila based on her student summary information.

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