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As Arkansas embraces inclusive practices, one question teachers and speech pathologists need to be ready to answer is, “Is your classroom communication ready?”  Frequently students with complex communication needs have communication systems (including tablets with apps) that go unused, or the systems are only used when the SLP is present. This presentation will provide strategies that create opportunities for students to initiate interactions with peers and adults across the educational environment.

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Run time 13:19

Functional communication is one of our basic human rights. Students who are complex communicators often need support from the classroom and related services staff to learn and practice their method of communication. Easterseals speech pathology consultant, Gretchen Hicks, walks through some of the basics of communication and why it is important for school staff to collaborate for student success.

Run time 20:21

Easterseals speech pathology consultant Gretchen Hicks shares strategies to support communication in the classroom and across the educational environment.

Run time 20:26

In this episode, speech pathology consultant, Gretchen Hicks, shares how to implement strategies to support communication during the routines and activities across the school day.

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