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The Easterseals Arkansas Outreach Program and Technology Services (OPTS) has formed a partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education-Special Education Unit (ADE-SEU) for the purpose of helping students with disabilities succeed in school and be more successful in their adult life.

Accommodations vs. Modification

This session will identify the federal and state regulations associated with modifications and accommodations. How they differ and how they impact a student’s programming will be explored. Gretchen Hicks and Megan Davis. SLP consultants from Easterseals Outreach are the presenters. https://zoom.us/recording/share/r3YQWyiP90TY5ALIKNSC3Uf2mo4VbNB5NEmDHfcvRzSwIumekTziMw?startTime=1573754466000

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3D Printing for Accessibility.

Bill Beavers is a guest presenter from ESVI. Come online and learn the basics of 3D printing from simple design tools, to making the g-code files that are sent to the printer to create the final product. We will also cover the basics of the 3D printer and how to get them to perform as [...]

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Story Box as Universal Design

This hour will review the principles of UDL and the use of the story box literacy strategy for emergent literacy learners and young students with complex learning needs. Access to the literacy and language curriculum and time in the regular classroom for students with multiple disabilities is often severely limited by narrowly focused curriculum combined [...]

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Prompting Strategies

During this session, we will cover three prompting strategies: least to most graduated guidance and simultaneous prompting. Information will be shared on how to know which procedure to use, gathering baseline data, determining prompt level and avoiding prompt dependency. https://zoom.us/recording/share/d1cxbCxqPvVdu97va2AElHGwwXW4q7QHGYRRyeHrCciwIumekTziMw?startTime=1569515693000

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Lunch & Learn: AAC Implementation Ideas

We will be viewing a video entitled Ruby Bridges was not Alone. Students with complex needs require support in language development, early concept development, vocabulary, and background knowledge. We often struggle to find the time and technology to embed AAC modeling in our lessons and classroom activities, particularly in inclusive classrooms. This webinar was first [...]

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