We will be viewing a video entitled Ruby Bridges was not Alone. Students with complex needs require support in language development, early concept development, vocabulary, and background knowledge. We often struggle to find the time and technology to embed AAC modeling in our lessons and classroom activities, particularly in inclusive classrooms. This webinar was first developed for a teacher who asked “don’t tell me WHY I should model AAC, tell me HOW.” This webinar will explore simple, hands-on descriptive teaching strategies. Based on Gail van Tatenhove’s descriptive teaching method, we will examine how to shift from referential to descriptive teaching to scaffold access to the regular curriculum for emergent students. We will see how the simplest graphic organizers can support our AAC modeling and foster language growth in our students with complex needs. This is an archived webinar shown March 28, 2018 published on Youtube by Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium. Erin Sheldon began her career in AAC as a mom of a daughter who has Angelman’s syndrome and is now a special educator.