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Student Schedules

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Visual schedules provide structure and reliability. When implemented correctly, they can reduce anxiety, support comprehension, reduce challenging behaviors, and increase independence.

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This video shares ways that student schedules can support students.

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This video provides information on selecting a schedule format for students.

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Dalene shares a few examples of object schedules and students that might benefit from this style of schedule.

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For more information on when to select this type of schedule and to see examples, watch this video!
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This video provides examples of student schedules with drawings or icons. In addition, information on why you might select this style of schedule for a student is discussed.

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This video shares examples of portable schedules and why you might select this for a student.

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Learn more about when to use schedules with words in this video.

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This video explores digital options for student schedules.

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This video provides information on the importance of collaboration and dispels myths related to student schedules.

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When it is time to transition, how do students know? This video shares ideas and strategies for transition signals.

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This video shares how a task analysis supports implementing student schedules.

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Unexpected events can be challenging for many students. This video explains how to prepare students for unexpected events.
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Data collection is an essential component of student learning. This video shares how to collect data regarding student schedules to make data-based decisions for students.

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Prompting is an essential part of teaching students to use visual schedules. Learn more on this topic in this video!

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Reinforcement helps support student success! Learn more about the role of positive reinforcement regarding student schedules in this video.

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This video shares tips our consultants learning in the field regarding student schedules.
Run time 7:16

Watch a real classroom in action. You will notice student schedules, but also other visual supports.

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