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Scanmarker Reader 21770


  • Scanmarker Reader is the ultimate pen reader, portable, lightweight and convenient – connect easily to all your devices via Bluetooth.
  • Edit, read aloud in real-time through our web application and translate on computers, smartphones, and tablets in more than 70 languages.
  • Identify students at risk of reading failure and give them true independence.
  • Gain and improve decoding and reading comprehension skills together with fluency in more than 70 languages.
  • Add value to one-on-one tutoring and add significant gains in phonemic awareness, rapid naming, and phonological memory after start using the Scanmarker Reader Assistive Pen reader.
This product is set for a 42 day window but early returns are always welcome
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Features Scanmarker USB
Scanmarker Air
Scanmarker Reader
System features
 Conection USB/Bluetooth USB Bluetooth Bluetooth
 Compatibility Mac, Win Mac, Win, iOS, Android Web Application
 Translation languages 78 78 112
 Interface language 16 16 17
 TTS -text to speech Yes Yes Yes
Standard features
 Update continuous Yes Yes Yes
 Embedded dictionary No No Yes
 Storage On the user’s device On the user’s device On the user’s device
 Portability No Yes Yes
 Shareable scans No Only mobile Yes
 Import Scan No No Yes
 Interface / UI Local App Desktop Local App desktop & mobile Web application & Chrome browser
 AUDIO Yes, on the device used Yes, on the device used Yes, on the device used
 Text Edit Only on external scan Only on external scan Yes
 TTS on one word line Yes Yes Yes
 External scan Yes Yes No
Accessibility features
 Change Voices 2 2 Up to 8
 Change font size No No Yes
 Change TTS Speed Yes Yes Yes
 Learning mode No No Yes
 Sync with all platforms No No Yes
 Assistive Mode No No Yes
Other Features
 Scan Barcode Yes Yes No
 Scan Numbers Yes Yes Yes
 Scan Image/Handwrite Yes Yes Uploading picture

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