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Learn more about assistive technology and connect with other educational professionals during our Lunch & Learn quarterly online trainings. In these sessions, we cover a wide variety of assistive technology topics such as AT resources, software, equipment, and more.  After each hour long session, take the online survey to receive a certificate for 1 CEU. Best of all, these trainings are completely free!


Aug. 29, 2019             12:00-1:00 pm             What’s new in our loan program?  New items for 2019-2020

Many new items have been purchased for our loan program.  Everything from switch adapted toys and games, C-Pens to assist with reading for students with high incidence disabilities, speech watch and new AAC devices.  Come and explore all the new devices for Arkansas students.

 Sept. 12, 2019            12:00-1:00 pm            “AAC Implementation Ideas” 

Once you have your AAC device, then what? This session will cover how to implement a communication device into functional routines during the school day. Examples of implementation documentation will be reviewed.

 Sept. 26, 2019            12:00-1:00 pm“Prompting Strategies”   

During this session, we will cover three prompting strategies: least to most, graduated guidance and simultaneous prompting. Information will be shared on how to know which procedure to use, gathering baseline data, determining prompt level and avoiding prompt dependency.

 Oct. 10, 2019              12:00-1:00 pm            “Healthy Relationships”     

Do some of your students struggle with understanding healthy boundaries, personal safety and social interactions? Join us to learn about helpful resources & effective strategies.

Oct. 16, 2019              12:00-1:00 pm            “Story Box as Universal Design”  View Recording Here!       Take Survey Here!

This session  will review the principles of UDL and the use of the story box literacy strategy for emergent literacy learners and young students with complex learning needs.  Access to the literacy and language curriculum and time in the regular classroom for students with multiple disabilities is often severely limited by narrowly focused curriculum combined with a wide range of needs and a lack of adaptations. We will review the principles of UDL and apply them to the story box strategy for emergent literacy student.

 Oct. 17, 2019              12:00-1:00 pm            “3D Printing for Accessibility”                                                      

Bill Beavers will be a guest presenter from ESVI.  Come and get the basics of 3D printing from simple design tools, to making the g-code files that are sent to the printer to create the final product.  We will also cover the basics of the 3D printer and how to get them to perform as expected and maintenance.  There will be examples of how to use these for creating projects that will aid those with special needs in daily life. 

 Nov. 14, 2019             12:00-1:00 pm            “Modifications vs. Accommodations”  View Recorded Training Here   Take our Survey!

This session will identify the federal and state regulations associated with modifications and accommodations. How they differ and how they impact a student’s programming will be explored.  

 Nov. 21, 2019             12:00-1:00 pm            “Selective Mutism 101”   View Recorded Training Here!   Take our SURVEY!

This session will review symptoms associated with Selective Mutism (SM), other disorders often confused with SM and discuss basic ways to help the student with this disorder in the classroom.

 Jan. 9, 2020                12:00-1:00 pm            Auditory Access in the Classroom”   View Recorded Training Here!  Take our Survey!

Donna Fisher Smiley, Ph.D., CCC-A (Audiology Supervisor, Arkansas Children’s Hospital/Coordinator of the EARS Program) will be the guest presenter.  She will provide an update on hearing assistive technology that is being used in schools for students with hearing loss.  She will also share some of the resources that the EARS Program @ AR Children’s Hospital has developed to support school staff in their day to day work with this type of technology.  A 1-hour PD certificate will be available following this online training.

 Jan. 16, 2020              12:00-1:00 pm            “Scheduling 101: Fitting It All In”  View Recorded Training Here!   Take Our Survey!

You are invited to attend our free, online Lunch & Learn entitled “Scheduling 101:  Fitting It All In.”  This training will be held Thursday, Jan. 16 from 12:00-1:00 pm through Zoom. Linda Petersen, MS, CCC-SLP, with Easterseals Outreach, will review of the importance of using classroom schedules and individual student schedules.  She will also provide input as to how to create them and how to use them to teach a variety of skills. A 1-hour PD certificate will be available following this online training.

 Mar. 5, 2020                12:00-1:00 pm     “Taking Transition Assessment Results to the Next Level”  View Recording Here!   Take Our Survey!

Does your team struggle to write students’ goals that are measurable and that can actually be achieved? Do you have measurable goals that may or may not have activities that lead to their achievement? Join this session to hear how you can use transition assessments to write meaningful post-secondary goals and activities that will turn your students’ goals into their future reality!

 Apr. 9, 2020                12:00-1:00 pm            “Story Box for Older Students”.     View Recording Here!    Take Our Survey!

Looking for a way to make literature meaning for older students with the most significant and complex disabilities?  Consider a book box and join us to find out how to develop and implement this strategy.

 June 11, 2020              12:00-1:00 pm            “New ASHA Ethics Professional Development Requirements” 

Did you know starting January 1, 2020, there will be additional professional development requirements for both ethics and supervision as part of the new audiology and speech-language pathology certification standards?