After a loan request is submitted, an administrator should complete the loan agreement below. For more information on how to submit a loan request, please visit the short-term loan landing page:

    User Loan Agreement: Loan Terms & Conditions

    1. Registered users, with authorization from district administration, may borrow up to five items for a six-week loan period.
      It is the responsibility of loanees, and ultimately their respective districts, to ensure that loan items are returned to esOPTS (3920 Woodland Heights Rd. Little Rock, AR 72212) by the designated due date. Failure to so, will result in late charges as indicated below:
    2. The district accepting the terms and conditions of loan, will be billed $50.00 per month until the loan item is returned or replaced. After three months, the district will be billed for the full replacement cost, minus the $50.00 late fee installments.
    3. The condition of each item is inspected by esOPTS before and after the loan. Items must be returned in the same condition they were received and with the same accessories (i.e., charger, case, etc). The district will be billed for the replacement of any missing items, repair costs of any damages incurred, or the full replacement cost of any items that cannot be repaired. Please do not attempt to repair broken items, as this may void manufacturer warranties and agreements.
    4. While originally intended for use on school premises only, esOPTS has modified the loan agreement to allow for use of the loan items outside of the traditional school setting as long as appropriate acknowledgements have been obtained. The use of loan items off of district premises is at the discretion of district administration as the district remains the sole party responsible for the return of loaned items in good working condition.
    5. For items being shipped back to esOPTS, the district acknowledges the responsibility for covering the cost of shipment as well as the cost of insuring the contents for the full value of the loan items.
    6. Items may be renewed for one additional loan period of six weeks, provided that the items have not been requested by another user. Requests for loan extensions must be submitted through the website.
    7. Loan items are to be utilized for educational and/or therapeutic purposes. Loanees, as district representatives, are responsible for ensuring appropriate use of loan items.
    8. esOPTS accepts responsibility for the completion of routine maintenance of loan items. This includes replacement of batteries, installation of updated software, etc.
    9. If warranted, esOPTS has the right to terminate loan agreements and revoke future access to loan items.

    I understand and acknowledge the above terms and conditions associated with the Easterseals Arkansas Outreach Program and Technology Services (esOPTS) Short-Term Loan Program. In addition, I affirm I am authorized by the district to sign this agreement and accept district financial responsibility for lost or damaged items.

    See message below regarding the status of your submission.