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Course Overview

“An Overview of Occupational Therapy in Arkansas Public Schools” provides information for administrators, educators, and related service providers regarding how occupational therapists can provide supports in the school environment. This course is based on the document “Guidance For Occupational Therapy In Arkansas Public Schools”  (Baker et al., 2020).

Learning Objectives

Learners will gain understanding of occupational therapy’s role in the school setting as demonstrated by their ability to identify:

  • two settings in which occupational therapists may work
  • minimum education requirements for OTs
  • a minimum of 1 resource to guide school-based practice
  • the definition of “occupation”
  • a minimum of 2 federal laws and how they impact OT’s role in schools
  • an example of OT’s role in each of the 3 RTI tiers

To get started, click on the “Introduction: Outlines & Objectives Video” on the left side of the screen or below in the “Content Overview” section. This course must be completed in sequential order.