• This progressive communication builder grows along with you. Start with one message and grow to sixteen. Four AA batteries will be provided along with 4 prepared overlays and 6 keyguards..
  • The Accent® 1000 is configured as a dedicated device to meet the functional specifications of the Medicare/Medicaid funding requirements. The Accent 1000 is portable and easy to carry yet powerful, engineered for daily use at home, at school or at play. The device complies with military-grade drop and vibration specifications of 810G. The Accent 1000 has 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage for files, games and more. Its exceptional audio fidelity provides rich, clear audio for less distortion across a wide volume range for sharp, audible communication. In addition, chemically-hardened glass, coupled with optical bonding, create screen vibrancy and crisp, clear contrast. Enjoy wide-ranging control of IR devices with the Accent 1000. Large coverage area means control of devices from a range of positions: standing up, sitting down, etc. (Available when unlocked.) The Accent 1000 offers a choice of vocabulary options featuring the Unity® family with LAMP Words for Life®, CoreScanner™, and WordCore. Other available vocabulary options include Essence® for literate adults, the UNIDAD® language system for Spanish/English bilingual use, and WordPower™. This loaner device comes with two keyguards, a 2 section charger and a carrying case with a strap.
  • Built for everyday, and not so everyday, adventures, the I-110 is the ultimate touch-based speech generating device for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). The Tobii I-110 includes: Snap Core First, Communicator 5, Snap Scene, Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL™), and the Boardmaker Student Center app, Ultra-rugged design featuring Gorilla Glass, integrated speakers, and covered ports, IP54 ingress protection (water and dust resistance rating), Battery life of 10+ hours, 3-Year Support360 warranty, Comprehensive ecosystem of support. This loaner devices comes with a charger cord.
  • NOVA chat 10 offers the well-known Chat Software on an Android™ platform. Like all "Chats," NOVA chat 10 offers a durable yet sleek portable design, with features that include a 10.1" display, switch scanning, Social Chat, IVONA© speech synthesizer, and many other Chat features. A variety of vocabulary configurations provides options for each individual that uses our "Chat" systems. NOVA chat includes thousands of SymbolStix© symbols, and PCS© symbols can be added.
  • Smaller and more portable, the Accent 800 offers advanced functionality and user-friendly features. A dedicated device, the Accent 800 is locked from running Windows applications, meeting the functional specifications of the Medicare/Medicaid funding requirements. The Accent 800 offers a choice of vocabulary options featuring Unity with LAMP Words for Life, CoreScanner, and WordCore. Other available vocabulary options include Essence for literate adults and WordPower. The Accent 800 runs both PRC's NuVoice and Empower™ software and offers built in support resources for clinicians and clients.This loaner device comes with the charger cord.
  • Specially designed for the visually impaired, this state-of-the-art communicator has 12 levels, scanning capabilities and large brightly illuminated targets that make it possible to see, select and activate messages. Model 7083 Batteries: 4 AA, 4 C
  • All the same great features of our BIG and LITTLE Step-by-Step communicators with the power and convenience of levels! Levels are ideal for pre-recorded sequential messages to be used at specific times of the day, or for recording and storing sequential messages that are used on a regular basis. This device offers 3 levels and a total of 4 minutes recording time. This loaner device comes with 3 interchangeable face plates, a clear cap cover, a cable for attaching an adaptive toy, a connectional mounting base, and 1 9V battery.
  • The I-15+ is a portable speech generating device that enables effective communication, environmental control options, and computer access. The rugged design, long battery life, social connectivity, as well as touch and gaze input supports are features that make the I-15+ ideal for those who rely on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). This loaner devices comes with a charger cord.
  • A switch and communicator in one, the Say It Play It entertains while it teaches the correlation between language and function. This handy communicator plays two 10-second messages.This loaner device requires 4 AA batteries which are provided and an aux cord for the switch.
  • GoTalk 20+ provides volume control of the sound, easy sequential recording, a unique function to quickly erase a level, built-in overlay storage, record lock, level lock and 2-year warranty. The device records up to 100 messages in five levels, up to 15 minutes total; 20 programmable buttons allow the user to personalize each level with pictures and vocal recordings, includes five additional core buttons for frequently used words or phrases across levels, and offers sequential recording for quick set-up and re-recording. This loaner device requires 1 AA battery, which is provided, and includes 2 clear key covers and a user’s guide.
  • The myGaze tracker is a curriculum system for training students to use eye gaze. The myGaze Eye Tracker relies on supreme technology to provide robustness and ease of use for customers on limited budget.For all gaze interaction applications low latency is crucial. With less than 50ms system latency the myGaze® gaze tracker is a leader in its class. The smart binocular gaze tracking mode compensates when one eye is temporally not traceable and continues tracking the remaining eye.The myGaze® is specifically designed for a wide range of participants and applications where robustness is important, and for different conditions of eye color, age, glasses, contact lenses, or environmental lighting, where an optimal performance is needed. This loaner comes with a 25 inch computer monitor on a stand with myGaze software, a power cable for computer, a keyboard, USB cable, the eye gaze bar in pouch and a magnetic strip. ***This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • The Tobii Dynavox I-12 is a speech generating device that can be controlled through gaze interaction via the built-in eye tracker. This I-12 series is especially beneficial for individuals with CP, Rett, ASL, Stroke/Aphasia, and others who rely on augmentative and alternative communication to make their voices heard in order to live more independent and integrated lives. This device allows the person to participate in face-to-face long distance communication. This loaner devices comes with a charger cord.

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